Program Registration

Program registration in UTPRAS is the mandatory registration of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs with TESDA. It is the system that ensures compliance of Technical Vocational Institutions (TVIs) with the minimum requirements as prescribed under the promulgated training regulation to include among others curricular programs, faculty and staff qualifications, physical sites and facilities, tools, equipment, supplies and materials and similar requirements prior to the issuance of the government authority to offer or undertake technical vocational education programs.

A TVET institution has to comply with the requirements of registration prior to its offering of a program. Upon completion of all the requirements, an institution is issued a Certificate of Program Registration (CoPR) and the program is officially listed in the TESDA Compendium of Registered Programs. The program is subjected to a compliance audit and in some instances surveillance upon receipt of complaint by TESDA.

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